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Ship It Zero resolution passes Minneapolis City Council
September 8, 2022 — The Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed a Ship It Zero resolution 12-0. Minneapolis City Council President Andrea Jenkins and City Council Member Robin Wonsley Worlobah co-introduced the resolution on September 6, calling on top maritime import polluters to the United States, including Minneapolis’s own Target Corporation, to commit to making all imports to the United States on 100% zero-emission ships by 2030.
Minneapolis Council Members to Call on Target Corporation to Transition to Clean Ocean Cargo Ships
December 15, 2021 — Minneapolis Council VP Andrea Jenkins, Council member-elect Robin Wonsley Warlobah, Council member-elect Aisha Chughtai, and the Faith Community will join the Ship It Zero coalition in calling on Target to end its contributions to the nation’s port pollution crisis and transition to zero emissions ocean cargo ships by 2030 at a press conference in MN.