Ship It Zero is a climate and public health campaign to move the world’s largest retail companies to 100% zero-emission ocean shipping. Led by an alliance of environmental organizations, including Pacific Environment,, and Sort Your Ship Out, we’re pushing corporations to take responsibility for their ocean shipping pollution and lead the way to climate-friendly, clean-air shipping practices.

Together, we urge top corporate polluters, including Walmart, Target, and The Home Depot to take immediate steps to reduce their ship pollution, and move their ocean shipping to zero-emission ships by 2030. We’re not alone—shoppers are ready to hold corporations accountable for their ship pollution:

A consumer poll by Yale University, George Mason University, and Climate Nexus found that 74% of consumers would be more likely to shop at companies that use cleaner ways to ship their goods. Furthermore, 70% of consumers would continue to shop at brands even if using clean ships raised the prices of that brand’s goods. Overall, 84% of consumers thought that the shipping industry should be doing more to reduce the environmental impacts of shipping goods around the world.

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