In 2019, 15 retail companies—including industry leaders Amazon, IKEA, Target and Walmart—produced the following pollution:

1.5M homes
As much climate pollution (carbon dioxide) as three coal-fired power plants or the energy needed to power 1.5 million American homes.
27.4M cars
As much smog-forming nitrous oxide (NOx) as 27.4 million cars. Many American ports, such as the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, are currently at risk of violating the Clean Air Act because the smog-forming NOx pollution from shipping, in particular, is so high.
7X SOx
Over 7 times more sulfur oxide (SOx) pollution than all on-road vehicles in the United States combined – that’s over 2 billion cars and trucks.
65.7M cars
As much particulate matter PM2.5 pollution as 65.7 million cars and trucks.

For more information on the pollution produced by Big Retail’s Shady Ships, read our report (English | Spanish). 


The maritime shipping sector at-large emits over one billion tons of climate pollution—more than all U.S. coal plants combined.

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