You’ve got questions about the campaign for cleaner, climate-friendly shipping? We’ve got answers.

Ship It Zero is a climate and public health campaign to move the world’s largest retail companies to 100% zero-emissions ocean shipping. We are a coalition of environmental organizations, consumers, and shipping industry experts engaging consumers and climate advocates to urge retail corporations like Amazon, The Home Depot, IKEA, Target and Walmart to lead the way to transform a zero-emissions maritime shipping sector.

Ship it Zero is supported by ClimateWorks Foundation, a global platform for philanthropy to innovate and accelerate climate solutions that scale. ClimateWorks delivers global programs and services that equip philanthropy with the knowledge, networks, and solutions to drive climate progress. Since 2008, ClimateWorks has granted over $1.3 billion to more than 600 grantees in over 40 countries.

We believe retail companies like Amazon, The Home Depot, IKEA, Target and Walmart have a responsibility to their customers and to our climate future to lead the way toward a zero-emissions shipping industry. As the key clientele of shipping liners, these corporations have an opportunity to send a market signal and set the new standard for healthier, cleaner maritime shipping that is truly zero emissions. Retail corporations have already made several key climate commitments to their consumers—now it’s their opportunity to take these commitments to the seas and transform the maritime shipping industry.

Yes! The solutions for zero-emissions maritime shipping are on the horizon. Already, technology exists to reduce 30% of a ship’s climate-warming emissions for every trip it takes. Within the next few years, technology will debut to sail cargo ships without burning an ounce of carbon. Investing in zero-emissions fuels like wind, battery power, green hydrogen, and green ammonia, makes not only the shipping and supply chain industry greener, but also improves air quality and public health outcomes for port and coastal communities. With the first truly zero-emissions ship already scheduled to set sail in 2024, it’s up to corporations to line up now to send their freight on these maiden voyages.

Backed by Big Oil, fuels like Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) or biofuels and technologies like Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (ECGS or scrubbers) are insufficient to mitigate the climate emergency and clean up our air. Big Oil and Big Shipping are pushing for these false solutions and so-called bridge fuels in order to continue to use heavy fuel oil under existing fuel standards, or are using carbon credits to meet climate targets. We know that the only true climate-friendly, health-protective shipping fuel must be truly zero emissions: wind, battery power, green hydrogen, or green ammonia.

Thank you for asking! Ship It Zero’s mission is to inform, engage and empower shoppers to use their voices to demand better from the brands they love. We’re not asking you to boycott online shopping or stage a protest—but we know that brands care about their customers’ opinions. We are powerful, and we have powerful advocacy tools in our pockets. Visit our Action Pages to find out how you can take action to demand your favorite brand lead the fight against climate emergency and make a bold commitment to zero-emissions ocean shipping by 2030.

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