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We're urging Amazon, The Home Depot, IKEA, Lowe's, Target and Walmart to lead the way to clean, zero-emission shipping.
Ship_Angry Angry Ship means Walmart needs to get their ship together.

As America’s largest retailer and largest ocean shipping retail polluter, Walmart’s use of dirty, fossil-fueled ships threatens our climate future. While the planet continues to warm up, Walmart has yet to take action against their ocean shipping pollution.

Walmart: The United States' Largest Ocean Shipping Polluter

Shipping the vast majority of its products overseas on dirty, fossil-fueled ships, Walmart is accelerating the climate emergency and harming the health of port and coastal communities who breathe in ship pollution.  

As the largest shipping polluter, Walmart emitted 788K metric tons of carbon — just from imports into the U.S. alone.

In terms of air pollution in 2021, Walmart emitted over 34K metric tons of toxic air pollutants SOx, NOx and PM2.5 into our air just from U.S. imports alone — primarily concentrated in port and coastal communities, low-income communities and communities of color.

“Walmart understands the market power they have to catalyze new clean energy markets. We urge them to take initial steps to end their ocean shipping pollution, or at least be transparent with us and the public and say bluntly what’s holding them back.”

— Madeline Rose, Climate Campaign Director for Pacific Environment

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Walmart's Zero-Emission Opportunity

To fulfill its promise to help their shoppers “live better,” Walmart must abandon dirty, fossil-fueled ships and commit to climate leadership by adopting zero-emission ocean shipping by 2030. 

Urge Walmart to: 

  1. End Port Pollution Now: Use clean energy and electrification in major ports.
  2. Abandon Dirty Ships: Stop moving products on fossil-fueled ships.
  3. Put Zero at the Helm: Commit to 100% zero-emission shipping by 2030.
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