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We're urging Amazon, IKEA, Target and Walmart to lead the way to clean, zero-emissions shipping.
Unimpressed cartoon ship in grey Meh Ship means IKEA has charted a cleaner course but needs to go further.

IKEA prides itself on being a sustainable leader in the retail industry—but its use of dirty, fossil-fueled ships to move its products across our oceans tells a different story.

Photo of launch day action at Ikea

Ikea’s Shipping Emissions

IKEA has made strides toward cutting their pollution through committing to a circular supply chain within the next ten years—but the company has failed to take this sustainable leadership to the seas. 

IKEA continues to ship goods overseas on dirty, heavily-polluting ships, showing a blatant disregard for the gravity of our climate crisis and for the health of port and coastal communities who bear the brunt of ocean shipping pollution.

In 2019, IKEA’s fossil-fueled ocean shipping emitted over 400,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide—and that’s just for its imports into the U.S.! It’s time for IKEA to commit to climate leadership by committing to clean, zero-emission ships by 2030.

IKEA’s dirty ships also pollute our air, emitting toxins linked to asthma, cancer, and risk of death from respiratory-based illnesses like COVID-19, particularly in port communities and communities of color.

Photo of launch day action at Ikea

Ikea’s Zero-Emissions Opportunity

IKEA must take its climate commitments to the seas. True climate action means zero emissions—and that means cutting ship pollution from dirty, fossil-fueled ships.  It’s time for IKEA to fully commit to climate leadership by committing to clean, zero-emission ships by 2030. We’re urging IKEA to:

1. End Port Pollution Now: Use clean energy and electrification in major ports.

2. Abandon Dirty Ships: Stop moving products on fossil-fueled ships.

3. Put Zero at the Helm: Commit to 100% zero-emission shipping by 2030.

Take Action Now

All hands on deck—click an action below to tell IKEA to #ShipItZero.

@IKEAUSA can be a climate leader—all it takes is a commitment to zero-emission shipping at sea. 🔁& let @IKEAUSA know to #AbandonDirtyShips and commit to #ShipItZero.


Green is good business.

@Amazon @Target @Walmart @IKEAUSA: be a first-mover in 100% zero-emissions shipping.

Ship It Zero by 2030—or risk getting left behind.


74% of U.S. shoppers are more likely to buy from brands that use clean overseas shipping methods.

@Amazon @Walmart @Target @IKEAUSA listen to your shoppers: be climate leaders!
1. #AbandonDirtyShips Now
2. Commit to 100% #ZeroEmissions shipping by 2030


.@IKEAUSA positions itself as a sustainable leader while they bring their goods on dirty fossil-fueled ships. 

@PiaHCook, double down on @IKEAUSA’s pledge for a greener future. #AbandonDirtyShips now & commit to 100% zero-emission shipping by 2030. https://bit.ly/3zoFnCV



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