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Read about the waves we’re making in the media about zero-emissions maritime shipping.

Ship It Zero Calls Maersk’s 2040 Pledge a ‘Necessary Step’ Towards Zero Emissions Cargo Shipping
January 13, 2022 — Ship It Zero coalition members and Pacific Environment say Maersk’s decision to aim for net zero climate emissions by 2040 – 10 years earlier than its initial target date– is an ‘industry-leading commitment’ but they have expressed concern that the shipping giant’s 2030 goals rely on offsets.
News|The Guardian
‘Warehouses in their backyards’: when Amazon expands, these communities pay the price
December 10, 2021 — The neighborhood is one of hundreds across the US where Amazon’s dramatic expansion has set in motion huge commercial operations. Residents near the new warehouses say they face increased air pollution from trucks and vans, more dangerous streets for kids walking or biking and other quality-of-life issues such as clogged traffic and near-constant noise.
News|Mother Jones
For Some, Shipping Bottleneck Presages a Polluted Holiday Season
December 8, 2021 — Pandemic-related supply chain issues have slowed the flow of goods into American homes, even as the ports move to speed up operations. For many, that means delays on holiday gifts, but for locals like Chavez, who was diagnosed with asthma as a child and now works for the Coalition for Clean Air, the excessive pollution related to shipping and trucking congestion at the ports raises concerns about his health, and that of his community.