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Nike Setting Sail With ‘World First’ Watercraft
May 30, 2023 — The unveiling comes after Nike was cited by climate and public health group Ship it Zero as the top U.S. ocean import polluter—responsible for 87,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions—in 2021. While the H₂ Barge 1 is not equipped for ocean sailing, it is the only inland vessel anywhere to be powered by hydrogen, said Nike. It retrofitted the ship’s standard diesel-guzzling combustion engine with hydrogen-powered, emission-free technology. The vessel releases nothing but humid air and clean water and is “far quieter” than conventional diesel-fueled vessels, wasting less energy through hull vibrations and heat and offering what’s described as a more comfortable environment for the crew.
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Report: Walmart, Other Importers Need to Speed Zero-Emissions Shift
March 4, 2023 — The report “All Brands On Deck: Top Furniture, Fashion, Retail & Technology Companies Must Act to Abandon Dirty Ships,” analyzed the climate and other pollution impacts of 18 companies importing their goods into the U.S. in 2021. Altogether they were responsible for 3.5 million metric tons of climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions, with Walmart, Target and Home Depot leading the way.