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Ship It Zero resolution passes Minneapolis City Council
September 8, 2022 — The Minneapolis City Council unanimously passed a Ship It Zero resolution 12-0. Minneapolis City Council President Andrea Jenkins and City Council Member Robin Wonsley Worlobah co-introduced the resolution on September 6, calling on top maritime import polluters to the United States, including Minneapolis’s own Target Corporation, to commit to making all imports to the United States on 100% zero-emission ships by 2030.
Amazon Announces Adoption of Zero-Emission Fuel following Revelation of 2021 Carbon Emissions Spike
August 30, 2022 — Amazon announced that it would adopt green hydrogen – starting in 2025 – to decarbonize its operations. The contract will provide power for 30,000 forklifts or 800 heavy-duty trucks. Even though ocean shipping was mentioned in the announcement, Amazon did not give a firm commitment to when it would green its ocean cargo shipping operations.