What are retailers and carriers doing to decarbonize shipping? Read Our Latest Report Card

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Zarpar hacia una industria naviera con cero emisiones

para 2030.

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Quiénes somos

Ship It Zero es una coalición de defensores del medio ambiente y la salud pública, científicos, expertos en transporte marítimo y compradores, que trabajan para conseguir que algunas de las mayores empresas del mundo se comprometan a realizar un transporte marítimo con cero emisiones para 2030.



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What’s with all the street stencils at #Bumbershoot50? 🤔

👉@amazon sponsors @bumbershoot2023 and its dirty deliveries are polluting our climate and our communities.

Tag @amazon and tell the company to #DeliverChange by committing to zero emissions deliveries. #ShipItZero @bumbershoot

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Hey @target, remember this?

Last year, your home city Minneapolis UNANIMOUSLY passed a #ShipItZero resolution calling on top ocean import polluters to commit to 100% #ZeroEmission ships.

It`s been a year, and @target isn`t keeping its climate promises — what`re you doing?!

Join us to CALL OUT @target (the 2nd most-pollutive ocean shipping retailer to the U.S.) for FAILING to follow through with their commitment to move products off fossil-fueled ships by 2040. 🚫

Just one click sends a letter to @target leadership — link in bio!

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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has mandated the shipping industry to clean up their act. Restrictions on sulfur emissions, increasing port fees and a depleting supply of fossil fuels is triggering an increase in the cost of conventional shipping. Freight companies will not be the ones footing the bill; through increased tariffs and undefined fees, cargo clients will be the ones that have to dig into their pockets.

SAILCARGO is a multi-faceted, for-profit company currently building the world’s largest zero emission cargo fleet.

We offer a long-term solution to pending maritime regulations, utilizing wind as an unlimited and unrestricted resource.

We supported entirely by private investors. Learn more at sailcargo.inc/investors

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This Women`s History Month, we`re celebrating RALLY Principal, Hillary Moglen, who`s been a part of our team for an impressive 12 years!

Hillary is an expert strategist, bringing high-level communications guidance to every project she touches. She`s passionate about our work on the Ship It Zero campaign, which calls on companies to commit to zero-emissions shipping by 2030 to create a more sustainable future.

But Hillary is not just a talented professional. She`s also a fun-loving colleague who recently discovered a new hobby - pickleball! She`s a fierce competitor, a valuable teammate, and definitely the first person you want on your trivia team.

We`re grateful to work with Hillary and to celebrate all the incredible women who are pushing for progress and creating a brighter future for everyone!

#WomensHistoryMonth #WeAreRALLY #ShipItZero #PickleballChamp

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🚢 In #shipping news: Hapag-Lloyd is unhappy with low grade in new #climate rating

@hapaglloydag may be unhappy with their F grade in our Decarbonization Report Card, but if this German shipping giant wanted a better grade, they’d do MORE to #AbandonDirtyShips. 🌊

What factors earned @HapagLloydAG their F grade?

👎 Reliant on liquefied natural gas (LNG) #SayNoToLNG
👎 Advocates for false solutions like scrubbers
👎 Poor reporting on their ship #pollution

Shipping companies are the backbone of the global economy. 💲

They have a responsibility to clean up their dirty shipping that pollutes the air, sickens communities & worsens the #ClimateCrisis. 🌏 It’s why their promises aren’t enough — and our Decarbonization Report Card points out their real actions. #ShipItZero

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🎉🚢 Celebrating 𝟭𝟬 Years of Impact!

We`re thrilled to announce that RALLY is marking our 10th anniversary this year! Over the past decade, we`ve been a part of some incredible cultural moments that have shaped the world around us.

This month, we`re celebrating 𝟭𝟬 cultural moments that we`re proud to have influenced in service of our clients. From changing policy to moving public opinion, each instance underscores our commitment to making a difference. We look forward to achieving more significant milestones in the years to come. 💫

🌍⚓𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗺𝗽𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗖𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗻𝗲𝗿 𝗦𝗵𝗶𝗽𝗽𝗶𝗻𝗴. The pandemic — when everything we needed arrived at our doorstep in brown cardboard boxes — made many of us more aware of the environmental impact of global transportation and shipping. Retail ships move 90% of the world trade and emit 1 billion metric tons of climate pollution a year.

RALLY partnered with Pacific Environment and Stand.earth to launch "Ship It Zero" — a campaign targeting big retailers to commit to zero emissions shipping by 2030. Our strategic campaign, coupled with impactful digital content and whimsical design, pushed giants like Target, Amazon, and IKEA to publicly commit to zero-emission shipping—a significant step towards a more sustainable shipping industry. 🌱💪

💙 Together, we can create a positive impact and build a brighter future for all. 🤝

#RALLY10thAnniversary #ShipItZero #Climate #Emissions #ShippingiIdustry

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Great news! Today the @longbeachcity Council has APPROVED a #ShipItZero resolution calling on two of the nation’s largest ports — @PortOfLongBeach and @portofla — to commit to 100% #ZeroEmission ocean shipping by 2030! 👏

Ship It Zero continues to urge these ports, which make up the largest seaport complex in the Western Hemisphere 🌎 called the San Pedro Bay Port Complex, to #AbandonDirtyShips by 2030.

Thank you to the Long Beach City Council for standing up for #ClimateAction and adding their powerful voices to the fight to clean up polluting ocean shipping. We know that ocean shipping harms human health and worsens the #climate crisis — it especially hurts portside communities like Long Beach and Los Angeles.

This city council resolution is a win for Ship It Zero as well as local community members!

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This June, we’re heading into summer! ☀️ 😎 But ocean shipping polluter @loweshomeimprovement — the SECOND most-polluting ocean importer in the furniture & home improvement sector — is putting a damper on Ship It Zero’s summer plans.

Tell Lowe’s to #ShipItZero this summer by sending Lowe’s execs a letter!

Lowes’ ocean ship pollution sickens portside communities & worsens air quality. Not what anyone wants to experience this summer, right Ship It Zero crew? 🏖️

Let’s get @loweshomeimprovement to kick off a climate-friendly summer by committing to #ZeroEmission shipping!

Find the letter in our ➡️ #LinkInBio and Instagram Story.

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@HomeDepot: it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. 🤭

In 2021, your dirty ships released nearly 420,000 metric tons of CO2… this greenwashing won’t fool us! Invest in a sustainable tomorrow by committing to #ShipItZero by 2030. In your own words, it’s good for business too. 🤝

Share this post to show Home Depot executives we’re watching. 👀 #AllBrandsOnDeck

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Summer sales are on! You may have noticed that Big Retail companies like @amazon, @target and @walmart are in the middle of #summer sales drawing lots of attention. What do you think is on our Ship It Zero shopping list this year? 😎🌴🛍️

We’re looking for…

✔️ Swimsuits
✔️ Sunblock
✔️ And getting the country’s most polluting ocean importers to #AbandonDirtyShips 🚢

We need @amazon, @walmart & @target to be REAL #climate leaders worthy of customer trust, not ocean shipping super polluters hiding behind greenwashed messaging. 🚫

Along with getting these retail giants to #ShipItZero this summer, what’s on your shopping list? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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CCAir`s Deputy Policy Director Chris Chavez is quoted in this #SpectrumNews1 article on Ship it Zero`s efforts to achieve zero-carbon shipping in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Chavez notes, in particular, the disproportionate impact pollution from these hubs has on #lowincome neighborhoods.

Check out the full article here:


#shipitzero #coalitionforcleanair #pollution #carbonemissions #climatechange #takeaction #climateaction #climateactionnow #losangelesairquality #lowincomeneighbourhoods
#getinvolved #environment #environmentalist #cleanairnow

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The fossil-fueled shipping industry and big retailers like Amazon IKEAUSA Target Walmart are pumping tons of pollution into our air by shipping products overseas on ships that use the world’s dirtiest fuels 🚢 These polluting ships cause 6.4 million childhood asthma cases annually 😷

Join us in demanding that big businesses #ShipItZero and commit to zero emissions shipping by 2030 🌱

Lean more about retail`s dirty secret in Shady Ships Report. Link in bio.

(Source: Shady Ships Report 2021)

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"If ocean shipping was a country, it would be the 6th biggest polluter – just above Germany."

@Amazon @Walmart @Target @IKEAUSA: Why settle for fossil fuels when #ZeroEmissionShipping is on the horizon?

For sustainable shipping, #AbandonDirtyShips now. #LinkInBio to sign our petition.

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Ship It Zero crew, May is coming to a close! Will you send a letter to @homedepot execs today before #AsthmaAwarenessMonth wraps up? 💙

As one of the most-polluting ocean shipping importers in the U.S., 🚢 Home Depot’s outsized shipping rates sicken portside communities & WORSEN asthma. 👎 Low-income communities and people of color are unfairly & disproportionately harmed by air pollution — that’s why we need @homedepot to #ShipItZero this year!

Send a letter today to end May strong: it only takes a moment!

Find the letter in our ➡️ #LinkInBio.

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Did you know Walmart CEO @dougmcmillon claims the company is on the path to regeneration and sustainability? Ship It Zero crew, we know that’s just not true, since Walmart — the country’s MOST-polluting ocean shipping retailer — continues to ignore their serious shipping pollution problem! 🚢

Help Walmart get the message: comment “@dougmcmillon, #AbandonDirtyShips by 2030” below. 👇

Together, we’ve made real progress by successfully pushing some of the country’s dirtiest ocean shipping retailers to #ShipItZero. We’ve reached @Amazon, @IkeaUSA and @Target — all in ONE year of Ship It Zero action.

Now, let’s keep the progress going this Halloween season 🍂 🎃 🍂

Comment “@dougmcmillon, #AbandonDirtyShips by 2030” below to help Walmart pay attention!

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BREAKING: Our #ShipItZero campaign launches NOW. Join us @ShipItZeroCrew & tell Big Retail brands @amazon @walmart @target @ikeausa to stop fueling the climate crisis with their dirty ocean shipping.

Check out the campaign at the link in our bio!

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